Frequently Asked Questions

What is Downright?

Downright is the simplest way to gather customer feedback directly from your couch. Start with manually sending a small test mail to experience our product with real feedback from real customer. Soon there after we will provide you an API, to best experience our service with no effort.

We recommend you choose a sample that best represents the individuals you would imagine gathering feedback from on an ongoing basis. If you are an ecommerce company, you may want to trigger the mail to every purchaser after their order is delivered. If you are a service company you may want to send the survey to people after they have fully experienced you service.

How do I get started with Downright?

Downright is designed to help you measure your Net Promoter Score® (NPS) and collect actionable insights from your customers easily and continuously. You can get started with nothing more than your basic customer details in a CSV/XLS file and your company logo.

We recommend sampling a random segment of your customers every month or even weekly depending on your goals. At this time, Downright is built to measure the loyalty and behavior of a customer at the relationship level. In other words, how someone feels about your business “downright” instead of just reflecting a specific interaction. Sampling smaller segments over time allows you to collect higher quality feedback and helps avoid artificial drivers of your score.

Can I change the question in the survey?

No. This question is the foundation of NPS® and has been researched and tested very rigorously by Richard Owen and Dr. Laura Brooks of Satmetrix, you can read more in their books “Answering the Ultimate Question”. NPS® has proven itself to be one of the most effective methods of gathering high quality, actionable feedback.

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What is NPS®?

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) is a proven methodology for understanding customer happiness through firsthand feedback. The Net Promoter Score, or NPS®, is based on the fundamental perspective that every company’s customers can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors.

By asking one simple question — How likely is it that you would recommend [your company] to a friend or colleague? — you can track these groups and get a clear measure of your company’s performance through your customers’ eyes. Customers respond on a 0-to-10 point rating scale and are categorized as follows:

Promoters (score 9-10) are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others, fueling growth.

Neutrals (score 7-8) are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to competitive offerings.

Detractors (score 0-6) are unhappy customers who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.

Your NPS® numerical value is the “what”, the textual feedback is the “why”.

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How is the score calculated?

The score is simply the percentage of promoters less the percentage of detractors. For example, if you have 80% promoters and 10% detractors you’re score will be 70 (80 − 10 = 70). A score can be anything between −100 and 100.

Is NPS® the right tool for me?

NPS® is a key metric for anyone who wants to understand how satisfied people are with their product or service. It works for the established business that wants to make sure their customers are getting the personalized service they expect. It works for the startup that needs to talk to their customer as much as possible to learn from them and/or to show the efficiency of their service to early stage investors. It works for the fast growing company that wants to ensure their experience remains at the highest level while they grow.

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How frequently should I send it to people?

We recommend inquiring on real time schedule or as frequently as possible. However, you should allow for a healthy amount of time to pass between sending to any given person. For instance, you might regularly send to all new purchasers a week after their order has arrived, but not send to any of those individuals again afterwards for a few months.

Can I have Downright automatically send to people?

We are almost there. In fact, this is our beta launch, but soon you will be able to send them automatically, without doing anything. You will be able to do this using our API.

How do I prevent someone from being sent multiple surveys in too short a timespan?

You don’t have to do anything. We automatically ensure people aren’t sent a survey more than once in any 30 day period. You can extend the amount of time between sends by adjusting “survey throttling” in Settings.

What sort of response rate can I expect?

Our survey email is highly optimized for both mobile and desktop and allows the recipient to respond directly from their email client. Add this to email deliverability best practices, and our customers typically see response rates higher than industry averages, for both quantitative and qualitative data.

How does pricing work?

We are startup friendly, as entreprenuers we have been building, taking down, and building up various products for many years, and our main takeaway was: talk to your customer and learn what problem they have and whether you are building the right solution for it. We offer a handful of monthly plans that are priced according to how many people you connect with in that month. We have plans to fit different type of businesses – from bootstrapping to IPO. Once you’re ready to go, get in touch with us and we’ll get you on the right plan.

What types of limitations can I expect during my trial?

You can send surveys up to 1,000 people during your trial. This allows you to make sure you’re getting the quality and quantity of feedback you’re looking for before paying a cent. There are no additional restrictions outside of this limit.

How do I cancel my account?

To close your account please email us. We won’t pressure you to stay, but we’d love to know why you’re leaving.