Customer Feedback Done Right

Effortlessly measure your Customer Happiness
in a matter of seconds

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Just two simple questions


The first question is emailed directly to your customers. They will rate your service from 0 to 10 with just one click.


After that, there is an open-ended question, that gives you valuable insights on what your customers love and hate about your service.

How does it work?

Import Customers

Import your customers email addresses into Downright. You can easily import them by uploading a file, by copy-paste or with our simple API's.

Sit Back and Relax

Not even joking, Downright is that easy! Once you are done with the import, we will work our magic and send the surveys. Valuable feedback is about to pour in!

Gather Feedback

Get excited as you start collecting feedback! The dashboard makes it easy to read customers feedback and track your NPS score over time.

Why use Downright?


Fully Tailored to You

Personalize the survey with your logo, brand name and e-mail address. It will look like you are the one sending it.


We polished our survey flow optimally. In less than a minute your customer is done with it and won't be bothered at all. Promise.


Customize the survey to be in any language you want. The whole survey frontend will be fully translated.

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Actionable Feedback

Gather valuable and actionable feedback. Thanks to our qualitative open question you will know what your customers love and hate about your service.

Monitor NPS over time

Our dashboard makes it easy to see your Net Promoter Score. You can also track your NPS performance over time with interactive charts.

Highest Response Rate

With a one-click survey we have among the highest response rate. Almost all your customers will answer your surveys.